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Dental Associates of Hampton Cove is a dentist in the Owens Crossroads area that provides premier dental care to children and adults alike. Our doctors are experienced in a wide range of dental treatments and procedures that can help improve and maintain your oral health.


Our number one goal at Dental Associates of Hampton Cove is to take care of our patients. You’re not just another number to us, and we know that everyone is different and has varied needs when it comes to their dental health. From the beginning of your visit, you will receive customized care that caters to your specific dental needs.


Many people are afraid to go to the dentist, but visiting the dentist regularly is vital to your oral health. At Dental Associates of Hampton Cove, our team is dedicated to helping you feel comfortable throughout your appointment. Our doctor will also keep you informed about the status of your oral health and what your best options are moving forward. 


Owens Crossroads Dentist Near Me | Areas of Focus


To best serve our patients in the Owens Crossroads area, we provide a wide range of dental solutions, from simple exams and treatments to more specialized procedures and surgeries. The reason for this is that we want to provide our patients with a one-stop-shop where all their dental needs can be taken care of. Here are our areas of focus when it comes to taking care of our patients:


Owens Crossroads Preventative Dentistry


We provide many preventative dental services, from dental cleanings to fluoride treatments and oral cancer screenings. This area of dentistry aims to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other harmful conditions that could affect your dental health. 


Most preventative dental procedures and treatments will be geared towards cleaning and protecting your teeth. Believe it or not, but the majority of preventative care should happen on a day-to-day basis when you brush and floss your teeth. These two routines alone can play a significant role in preventing decay in your teeth. Our staff will advise on the best practices for preventative care.


Owens Crossroads Restorative Dentistry


Some of our restorative dental procedures include composite fillings and dental crowns. Restorative dentistry is geared towards correcting and restoring your teeth to their proper function. Just because your tooth has been affected by decay or damage doesn’t mean that the tooth is completely useless. In most restorative procedures, decay is thoroughly removed from the teeth, and a dental prosthesis is used to protect and strengthen the existing tooth.


Owens Crossroads Cosmetic Dentistry


We provide cosmetic dentistry through procedures like dental bonding and teeth whitening. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to help make your smile look its best by correcting dental blemishes. Cosmetic dentistry is an avenue that can help you feel confident about your smile and about the way you look. These procedures will act to brighten your smile, straighten your teeth, and create an even look in your bite.


If you’re looking for an Owens Crossroads dentist, contact us today! Our staff will be happy to help you get started on a road to improved oral health and confidence in your smile.

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